What I created

Poster Design | KIXX engine oil

Kixx is GS Caltex' leading brand of lubricants. "All ways with you" is our brand slogan symbolizing our intent to be with you at all times on all roads you take, whether in industry or in daily life.

Poster Design | Bizim tarla | Tomato | concept
poster dizayn

Concept poster design for "Bizim Tarla" firm

Agricultural catalog | gubre.az
kataloq dizayn

Gubre.az fermerlər üçün müxtəlif növ toxum çeşidlərinin, gübrələrin və bitki qoruma vasitələrinin bütün ölkə üzrə pərakəndə satışını həyata keçirən bir aqrar ticarət şəbəkəsidir. Ticarət şəkəbəsi “Aqrar İnnovasiya və Təchizat Şirkəti” QSC-yə məxsusdur.

Carlsberg outdoor creative ads | Concept
pive dizayn

Carlsberg 1883; the amazing story of an old beer bottle found the cellars of the old Carlsberg brewery. Through a complicated scientific process, the scientists in the Carlsberg Research Laboratory managed to grow and purify the original Carlsberg yeast from 1883 from the bottle. Now it is rebrewed and the yeast gave the beer its name: Carlsberg 1883. A copper-coloured beer with a compact head. It has a unique and distinct flavour, and a clean and fresh nose with a delicate hint of malt and caramel.

Chailand | Packaging, logo design
qablasdirma dizayn

Packaging of the World

Fast Food Branding| fastaz
fast food

Fast food concept branding

Florist | Logo, gift box and business card design.
loqo logo

Floral boutique concept branding

Goat wine | concept packaging design
qablasdirma dizayn

Knowing that Italy, France and Spain are the top three wine producing countries in the world tells you three things. For one, they probably produce the majority of bulk wine in the world. Two, they also produce some of the best wine in the world. And three, France, Italy and Spain are the source of all of the most popular varieties of wine in the world. Goat concept packaging design. Bootle design

Fanta | outdoor advertisement concept design
fanta poster

Fanta creative advertising

Elle yogurt packaging design (concept)
yoqurt qablasdirma

Elle yogurt branding and packaging design

Music App design
proqram dizayni

Music application design

Energy drink concept packaging design
enerji qablasdirma

Energy drink illustration design

"Nike" Outdoor ads concept
nike poster

Nike creative advertising

"Planet" Ice cream Concept packaging design

"Planet" ice-cream packaging design

"Çərəzim" packaging design

"Çərəzim" packaging design

Catalog design for Santral
kataloq dizayn

Santral Spring 2019
Founded in 2000 in Baku, Santral is a large retail network in Azerbaijan. Over the years of its activity, Santral has become a well-known and modern network of stores in Azerbaijan, targeted at household improvement sector and equipping of enterprises. We have managed to achieve such a status due to a maximally wide range of products, reasonable pricing policy and professional service. Currently, the retail network of Santral includes 5 stores in different locations of Baku with a total area of stores amounting to 16 000 square meters. The area of each store makes about 500 - 8000 м² with a range of 25-30 thousand product articles.